Table 10. Covariates in ECLS-K.

GenderDummy variable of child’s gender
AgeContinuous variable of child’s age
RaceDummy variable of race (categorized as White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other)
Primary Home LanguageDummy variable categorized as English, and not EnglishParent report
Disability StatusDummy variable: whether a child is disabledParent report
Parental CharacteristicsParent highest education level (less than high school; high school diploma or GED; some college; Bachelor's degree; higher than a Bachelor's degree); family's income-to-poverty ratio less than 2 (based on reported income, the number of members of the household, and federal poverty thresholds)
Marital StatusMother’s marital status. Dummy variable categorized as married and not married)
SamplingKindergarten weight