Table 1: Control Variables

 Partnered SubgroupUnmarried SubgroupEntire Sample
Race (1=black)0.880.840.85
Legal Cynicism (1-4 scale)
Control over life (1-4 scale)
Financial support from family in-prison (1-4 scale)3.323.233.27
Gang member (1=yes)
Illegal Income pre-prison (0-4 scale)
Time in juvenile correctonal facility (1=yes)0.350.310.35
Num prior prison terms2.542.552.57
Drug use pre-prison (0-5 scale)2.142.342.28
Violent Instant Offense (1=yes)
Prior marriage (1=yes)
Financial support from illegal income pre-prison (1=yes)0.340.390.37
On Medication (1=yes)
Ever in disciplinary segregation (1=yes)0.210.350.32
Plans to stay in touch with prison friends (1=yes)0.460.50.48
Financial support from government pre-prison (1=yes)
Wants to find job post-prison (1-4 scale)
Spirituality (1-4 scale)
Good health (1=yes)
Sentence Length (years)2.793.353.07
Site = Ohio0.350.40.39
Site = Texas0.30.270.28