Preferences for LTC Financing. Personal involvement with LTC financing


*IRA = Individual Retirement Account

All results are presented weighted.

SOURCE: RTI analysis of the 2014 ASPE Long-Term Care Awareness and Planning Survey

Personal involvement with LTC financing

Personal involvement with LTC financing %, Strongly Agree/Agree
Everyone should have LTC insurance and a mandatory, public program is the way to accomplish that19.5
Everyone should have LTC insurance, but private companies should provide the insurance23.2
Requiring people to buy LTC insurance is OK, if price is not too high40.5
Knowing that I have some LTC insurance will give me peace of mind66.4
Paying for LTC is individual responsibility, not government46.6
Government should not tell me what to do about LTC insurance62.7
I have other priorities for my money than buying LTC insurance44.4
I do not trust government to run a LTC insurance program51.1
I do not trust private insurers32.3
I don't think I will need LTC so I don't need insurance11.6