Pathway to the Future: How Workforce Development and Quality Jobs Can Promote Quality Care Conference Package : Table 2


: Table 2

  ADL  AJB  ASP  ASPE  Activity of Daily Living (such as bathing, eating, dressing, toileting)   America’s Job Bank   Assistant Secretary for Policy, DOL   Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS
  BLS  BRG  Bureau of Labor Statistics, DOL   Business Relations Group (part of DOL’s Employment and Training Administration)  
  CMS  CNA  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, HHS   Certified Nursing Assistant
  DCW  DOL  DON  Direct Care Worker   Department of Labor   Director of Nursing
  ETA  Employment and Training Administration, DOL
  HCBS    HHA  HHS  HRSA  Home and Community Based Service   Home Health Aides   Department of Health and Human Services   Health Resources and Services Administration, HHS
  IADL  IFAS  IOM  Instrumental Activity of Daily Living (such as money management, housework, meal prep)     Institute for the Future of Aging Services   Institute of Medicine
  LPN  LTC  LVN  Licensed Practical Nurse   Long-Term Care   Licensed Vocational Nurse
  ODEP  Office of Disability Employment Policy, DOL
  PAS  PHI  Personal Assistance Service   Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
  RN  Registered Nurse
  SNF  Skilled Nursing Facility
  TA  TANF  TO  Technical Assistance   Temporary Aide to Needy Families   Turnover
  WIA  WIB  Workforce Investment Act of 1988   Workforce Investment Board