Mecklenburg County Linked Database : Table 1


: Table 1

Work First CasesAll cases since Jan 1995  Determines when cases participated in WF, length of spell, recidivism, beginning, and end of spell.
Work First IndividualsAll beneficiaries of the WF grant (including child only recipients) since Jan 1995  Determine individuals role in case (parent, child, etc), demographics.
"In-Case" (Case Composition)Details about case composition such as number in the case; number of children; number children under 5, 2, or 1 year(s) old; and presence of adult male or pregnant teen.
Work First Employment ServicesLists Employment Services participants  some incomplete information on education levels and literacy levels.
Activities & EmploymentFor Employment Services participants only  shows type of employment-seeking activities and employment of individuals during WF employment services.  Also shows scheduled and completed hours of activities and employment.
Employment Security Commission Unemployment Insurance DatabaseAllows tracking of quarterly earnings of WF participants and their families.  Also shows employer industries (SIC codes) for each quarter and employer zip code.
24- & 60-Month Time LimitsShows initiation of time limits for individuals, which months count against state and federal time limits for each individual, and total months against time limits.
Food StampsLists food stamp cases since March 1995 for Work First participants.  Gives amount of food stamps distributed and number of members in the case.
Child Only CasesLists all child only cases.  Determines whether and when child only cases become non-child only cases, and vice versa.
Purchase of CareLists subsidized childcare information for June 1997 - Dec 1997.  Describes type of facility, days per month of care, and cost of care.