Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory. Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory : Table 53


: Table 53

CONTACT PERSON NAME:   Lenny Gruenberg
ORGANIZATION:   DataChron Health Systems, Inc.
TELEPHONE:   (617) 661-1133
NAME OF STUDY:   The Medicare Disabled Populations in HMOs and FFS: A Comparative Study
PROJECT DIRECTOR/PI:   Lenny Gruenberg/Edie Walsh
PROJECT DATES:   October 1995 - October 1996
RESEARCH QUESTIONS/GOALS:   To learn more about utilization patterns, health status, access to care and patient satisfaction for people under the age of 65 with disabilities. Medicare population in FFS and managed care systems. HMO Case-mix and cost issues will also be examined.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF METHODS AND DATA:   They will analyze utilization patterns of 2300 Medicare recipients with disabilities under the age of 65 in 2 TEFRA HMOs (Kaiser Oregon and Fallon) compared with 2000 Medicare members with disabilities for the years 1991-1995 in FFS who participated in the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey. Descriptive statistics on utilization, costs, patient characteristics, and satisfaction will be provided, and case-mix typologies will be developed. Multivariate analyses will be conducted.
AVAILABILITY OF RESULTS:   Reports to ASPE from April 1996 to October 1996: Longitudinal Analyses to compare utilization case mix, and outcomes across plan types, also on satisfaction, access to care, selection effects.