Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory. Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory : Table 38


: Table 38

CONTACT PERSON NAME:   Elizabeth Mauser (Project Officer)
TELEPHONE:   (410) 786-6665
NAME OF STUDY:   PACE Demonstration
PROJECT DIRECTOR/PI:   David Kidder, Abt Associates
PROJECT DATES:   June 1991 - December 1997
RESEARCH QUESTIONS/GOALS:   What factors influence the decision to enroll in PACE? What is the impact of PACE on service utilization, patient functioning and health status, and patient and care-giver satisfaction?
PROJECT DESCRIPTION:   The PACE model includes as core services the provision of adult day health care and multidisciplinary team case management.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF METHODS AND DATA:   Quantitative and qualitative methods. Data Sources: DataPACE, a data management system from PACE sites Medicare and Medicaid claims data Survey of potential PACE enrollees when considering applying for PACE and every 6 months thereafter Site visits to all PACE sites
AVAILABILITY OF RESULTS:   Spring 1996: Preliminary results on decision to enroll analysis. Summer 1996: Preliminary results on impact analysis. If continue with data collection, final results will be available at the end of 1997.