Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory. Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory : Table 33


: Table 33

CONTACT PERSON NAME:   Deb Williams/Joanne Genovese
ORGANIZATION:   United Cerebral Palsy Association of NY State, Inc.
TELEPHONE:   (518) 436-0178 Fax: (518) 436-8619
NAME OF STUDY:   Medicaid Management Care Project UCP - NY State
PROJECT DIRECTOR/PI:   Joanne Genovese
FUNDING SOURCE:   NY State Dept. of Health/PEW/RWJ - (MWG)
RESEARCH QUESTIONS/GOALS:   Main goal is to develop a reimbursement strategy for 6 UCP affiliates who are interested in enrolling Medicaid recipients with MR/DD who are attending their clinics in a partially capitated managed care organization under development with these affiliates. Subsidiary goals include examination of functional status of high/low utilizers and utilization patterns of those living in/outside of a residential setting.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF METHODS AND DATA:   Population -- 7,300 Medicaid recipients within OMRDD who attend the 6 UCP affiliates clinics. Majority have CP, but some are MR only. Of the MR only group, most are medically complex cases with severe physical disabilities. Reimbursement Methodology will be regression -- based. Have adjudicated Medicaid claims. Have conducted Medical Record reviews (includes utilization data) and have functional data from assessment interviews. Rick Kronick has adjudicated medical claims for all MRDD recipients for 2 years; eventually the plan is to compare their results based on the 7300 with Rick’s results based on N or 90,000 know to MRDD.
AVAILABILITY OF RESULTS:   They expect to have at least some preliminary results by summer.