Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory. Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory : Table 18


: Table 18

ORGANIZATION:   Group Health Foundation
TELEPHONE:   (612) 653-2145
NAME OF STUDY:   Integrated Services in an HMO for Children with Chronic Disease and Disabilities
PROJECT DIRECTOR/PI:   Barbara Staub and Dr. Brooks Donald
FUNDING SOURCE:   RWJ Planning Grant
PROJECT DATES:   April 1, 1995 - December 31, 1995
RESEARCH QUESTIONS/GOALS:   To improve services for children with disabilities (Diabetes, muscular dystrophy, autism, cerebral palsy, and cystic fibrosis) who are members of Health Partners, a mixed-model HOM. Research Questions: How often do children with disabilities use primary care clinicians, the ER, and home health service, and how often are they hospitalized?
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF METHODS AND DATA:   In-person in-home interviews with 35 children with disabilities (who have one or two diagnoses) enrolled in Health Partners. Interviews with 15 parents of children with disabilities and with a community group. Researchers will obtain basic demographic and financial information, and will track the service utilization and health outcomes of this population.
AVAILABILITY OF RESULTS:   A report will be issued to RWJ in February or March 1996.