Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory. Managed Care and People With Disabilities Research Inventory : Table 12


: Table 12

TELEPHONE:   (310) 443-3648
NAME OF STUDY:   Management of Child Psychosocial Problems in Primary Care
PROJECT DIRECTOR/PI:   Kelly Kelleher (Child Services Research and Development), (612) 692-7840
PROJECT DATES:   June 1994 - April 1997
RESEARCH QUESTIONS/GOALS:   To identify and examine the types of management strategies used by pediatricians and other office-based primary care physicians who provide care to children with emotional disorders and other psychosocial problems. To assess patient outcomes associated with the different management strategies. Outcomes of interest are family functioning and the global health scale behavioral symptoms.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF METHODS AND DATA:   Using a sample of 400 office-based primary care physicians, researchers will collect information from clinicians and parents on treatment provided to children with emotional disorders in three different systems of care: managed care, fee for service, and the Canadian national health insurance. Parents, clinicians, and office staff will fill out surveys, and 1,500 children will be followed for up to six months to determine if they used the services recommended by their physicians.
AVAILABILITY OF RESULTS:   Researchers have submitted an abstract to NIMH and will present results on variation in treatment rates at the NIMH fall conference. They will also be presenting results at the Society for Pediatric Research Conference in May.