Issues in Developing the Client Assessment Instrument for the National Long Term Care Channeling Demonstration. Issues in Developing the Client Assessment Instrument for the National Long Term Care Channeling Demonstration : Table 32


: Table 32

1.   Medical ServicesDiagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and/or consultation services by a licensed physician, for the purpose of evaluating, treating, and/or monitoring injury, disability, or sickness. Can be provided on in- or out-patient basis.Visits/ Episodes/ Days
2.   Pharmaceutical ServicesFilling prescriptions or otherwise making available medications prescribed by physician.Prescriptions
3.   Dental ServicesDiagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, preventative, and/or consultation services by a dentist or dental professional.Visits
4.   Other Medical ServicesDiagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and/or consultation services performed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed professional for the purpose of evaluating, treating, and/or monitoring injury, disability, and/or sickness. Services may include, but are not limited to those performed by:   --   Chiropractors   --   Dentists   --   OptometristsVists
5.   Physical TherapySpecialized treatment to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability following disease, injury or loss of body part.Hours
6.   Occupational TherapySpecialized restorative treatment involving use of sensory integration exercises, perceptual-motor techniques, skill practice, and training for independence in activities of daily living and in social skills.Hours
7.   Speech and Hearing TherapyEvaluating and treating specific communication disorders.Hours
8.   Vocational RehabilitationEvaluating and training aimed at assisting the client to enter or re-enter the labor force.Hours
9.   Medical Supplies and EquipmentSupplying and/or fitting devices, supplies, or equipment necessary to carry out therapeutic regime, to compensate for physical disability, and/or correct physical deformity.Hours/ Dollars
10.   Nursing ServicesProviding services in accordance with orders or the plan of treatment established by a physician, and intended to assure the safety of the patient and achieve the medically desired result. Services may be provided in an institution or on an outpatient basis, and may be full time or intermittent.Hours
11.   Emergency TransportationEmergency transport of injured or acutely ill individuals (to hospital). Service may include transportation with or without medical support services such as oxygen, EKG monitor or doctor-prescribed drugs.One-way trips
12.   Physical Fitness, Exercises, Habilitation TherapyAssisting with activities that sustain and/or improve physical and mental health and function.Hours/ Sessions
13.   Mental Health ServicesPreventive, diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitative services provided to mentally ill patients on an out-patient basis by or under the supervision of a physician or other state-authorized mental health practitioner. Includes individual or group therapy.Hours/ Sessions
14.   Personal Care ServicesAssistance in bathing, medication, dressing, toileting, eating, or walking.Hours
15.   CounselingOrganized provision of advice by someone other than a mental health practitioner or for problems other than mental health.Hours
16.   Nutrition ServicesEvaluating and planning diets.Hours/ Sessions
17.   Advocacy, Ombudsman ServicesPleading and/or otherwise supporting the case of an individual with respect to a provider to ensure the delivery of a service; investigation and resolution of complaints made by, or on behalf of persons who are residents of long-term care facilities.Hours/ Sessions
18.   Administrative, Legal and Protective AssistanceObtaining or performing legal and/or financial services on behalf of a client to safeguard his/her rights and interests.Hours/ Sessions
19.   Emergency ServicesProviding food, clothing, shelter, fuel, and other basic necessities for short periods of time. Transportation not included.Days/ Episodes
20.   Escort ServicesAccompanying or personally assisting an individual, by public or private transportation, to assist the individual in accomplishing the purpose(s) of the trip.Trips
21.   Transportation ServicesTransporting clients from one location to another.One-way trips
22.   Friendly Visiting, Personal Checking, Companion and ServicesPersonally visiting a client for purposes of expressing interest or comfort, or relieving loneliness; providing companionship; monitoring.Visits/ Hours
23.   Telephone Reassurance and CheckingPlacing telephone calls to provide comfort or as an act of friendship, or for monitoring purposes (usually on a daily basis).Calls
24.   Monitoring ServicesSimple custodial supervision that involves assisting individuals to perform activities of daily living associated or unassociated with health condition.Days
25.   Homemaker, Housekeeping ServicesGeneral housework including house cleaning, laundry.Hours
26.   Chore ServicesProviding non-routine services or tasks in a patient's home, such as heavy cleaning, lawn mowing, minor painting, washing windows, rearranging furniture to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, snow shoveling and various other functions.Hours
27.   Meal ServicesSubsumes both home delivery and congregate meals. Involves the provision of hot or other appropriate meals.Meals
28.   Shopping AssistanceShopping for clients for necessities, groceries, and other items. Does not include paying for these items.Trips
29.   Home Repair ServicesElectrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry, or other similar services to a building provided for safety, health, energy conservation, or other purposes. Weatherization and barrier removal included.Hours/ Dollars
30.   Instruction, Training ServicesActivities to increase knowledge or skills for personal enrichment or more effective daily living of clients. Includes increasing education or developing skills for employment purposes, in a formal, informal, individual, or group environment.Hours/ Sessions
31.   Shelter ServicesRooming or living arrangements in an institution or home.Days
32.   Day Care, Day HospitalizationSupervision and medical, mental health, and nursing care for less than 24 hours a day to assist individuals with an impaired physical or mental health condition. 
33.   Hospice ServicesMedical, nursing, mental health and counseling services to assist individuals near death and their families. May be on in-patient or out-patient basis.Days/ Sessions
34.   Financial AssistanceGifts and transfers of money.Dollars
35.   Reading and Letter WritingReading for pleasure or reading and writing business and personal correspondence.Hours
36.   Interpretation andExplaining the meaning of oral or written communication to nonEnglish speaking persons.Hours
37.   Recreational ServicesServices designed to fill leisure time, including sports, crafts, social and other activities, to improve the personal and social adjustment of a client.Hours
38.   Housing PlacementSubsumes various placement of clients in suitable location or housing situations. May include institutional or non-institutional housing services (and location of furnishings, if necessary). Housing counseling.Placements
39.   Employment PlacementVarious kinds of client placement in employment, including sheltered employment. Job counseling.Placements
40.   Sheltered EmploymentEmployment provided for the physically or mentally handicapped or disabled, generally in a special work or industry environment.Hours
41.   Respite ServicesSubstitute care provided for workers or for family members caring for clients.Hours
42.   Outreach ServicesVarious forms of intervention initiated to identify clients who may require services, and contacting clients to describe available services and benefits, and to encourage participation or utilization of services.Sessions/ Contacts
43.   Information and Referral ServicesProviding information or assistance in effecting linkage with appropriate community resources concerning clients' needs. Includes follow-up with provider.Contacts/ Referrals
44.   AssessmentSystematic evaluation of an individual's condition, including physical, mental and social health, capacity for self-care, financial resources and physical environment.Hours/ Sessions
45.   Service Planning, Coordination, and Follow-upService-related activities such as assisting individuals to identify, locate, and obtain services, and to coordinate and subsequently verify procurement of the required services.Hours/ Sessions