Homelessness Data in HHS Mainstream Programs. Homelessness Data in HHS Mainstream Programs : Table 25


: Table 25

INTERVIEWER: MOVE DOWN EACH COLUMNPrior to eligibility determination (during subsequent interview or home visit with applicant)After eligibility is determined but prior to recertification (during an interview or on another form)At recertificationOther (SPECIFY)
19a. Do you collect homeless status information__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No
19b. Do you update (or confirm) the same data elements at subsequent periods__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No
19c. Do you collect different or additional information at subsequent periods__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No
19d. Do you enter new or updated information into the database__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No__Yes __No