Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report. Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report : Table 33


: Table 33

 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
A. The Greenbook planning process has feeling of cohesiveness and team spirit.12345
B.   Communication between member organizations is closed and guarded.12345
C.   Conflicts arise frequently among participating organizations12345
D. Barriers to effective communication (e.g., language, computer inaccessibility)12345
E.   The abilities of the members are effectively used.12345
F.   Roles and responsibilities of members are unclear.12345
G.   The planning process is disorganized and inefficient.12345
H. The Greenbook process needs more  formalization and structure.12345
I.    There is too much talking and not enough doing.12345
J.    There is a formal process for resolving conflicts among participating organizations.12345
K. There is a shared vision of what the group should accomplish.12345
L.   There are clearly defined, attainable goals for the initiative.12345
M.           Each member has an equal voice in  the partnership12345
N. The planning process is flexible enough to accept diversity in members views and backgrounds.12345
O. The partnership includes members representative of the cultural/ethnic diversity of the community.12345
P.   The collaborative has a strong commitment from the policy-making level of each organization that is represented.12345
Q. Representation from key players within the initiative is adequate.12345
R.   Number of stakeholders involved in the initiative is adequate.12345
S.   Stakeholders working on the initiative have many competing responsibilities.12345