Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report. Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report : Table 32


: Table 32

 Not at allA littleSomewhatModeratelyVery much
A. Collaborative member agreement about      the nature of the problem12345
B. Input from frontline workers12345
C. The partners in the project work well together12345
D. Having the right people at the table12345
E. Strong leadership12345
F. Well-defined roles among collaborative members12345
G. Well-specified activities12345
H. Accountability for meetings, tasks and activities12345
I. Agencies and organizations having necessary     resources12345
J. Law enforcement involvement12345
K. Commitment of key leaders12345
L. Commitment/time availability of participants12345
M. Involvement of certain key agencies/groups12345
N. Individual relationships among collaborative      members and agency staff12345
O. Having infrastructure in place to support      the initiative12345
P. The partners have the needs of the women     and children in mind12345
Q. Other (specify and rate):      _______________________________________12345
R. Other (specify and rate):      _______________________________________12345
S. Other (specify and rate):     ________________________________________12345