Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report. Greenbook Initiative Final Evaluation Report : Table 31


: Table 31

 Not at allA littleSomewhatModeratelyVery much
A. Poor understanding of Greenbook Initiative12345
B. Taking longer than expected12345
C. Lack of time by participants12345
D. Lack of resources (financial, staff, etc.)12345
E. Burn-out of participants12345
F. Confidentiality issues12345
G. Existence/accessibility of data12345
H. Lack of child maltreatment/domestic violence     expertise among participants12345
I. No clearly defined leader12345
J. Turf issues (e.g. conflict over ownership of tasks/resources)12345
K. Lack of commitment from stakeholders and/or      senior managers from key organizations.12345
L. Conflicting organizational cultures (e.g. domestic      violence providers and CPS viewing the needs of      battered women differently)12345
M. Lack of leadership buy-in from key organizations12345
N. Disagreements over what changes should occur12345
O. Disagreements over what activities to implement12345
P. Lack of accountability among initiative members for     projects or tasks12345
Q. Too much focus on collaborating, not enough on      individuals served12345
R. Other (specify and rate): __________________________________________12345
S. Other (specify and rate): __________________________________________12345
T. Other (specify and rate): __________________________________________12345