Developing Quality Measures for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia: Final Report : Table 31


: Table 31

ConceptSpecification Questions
1. Metabolic monitoring among patients with antipsychotic meds: Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Screening for People with Schizophrenia-Is one prescription sufficient for definition of “on an antipsychotic”? -Should a measure be created that captures the metabolic monitoring for patients who already have CVD or diabetes diagnoses? -Should this be combined into a single measure (e.g., screening or monitoring of metabolic conditions)?
2. Outpatient follow-up after hospitalization-What kind of follow-up counts? Difficulty testing provider types and place of services with MAX data at present.
3. Number of ER visitsNote: Specification includes ALL ambulatory ED visits for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia (not only mental health specific visits)