Developing Quality Measures for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia: Final Report : Table 26


: Table 26

1. Any use of antipsychoticsAll diagnosedAny antipsychotic useOverlap with continuity? Criteria to identify schizophrenia from diagnoses?
2. Continuity of antipsychotic useAll diagnosed and using antipsychoticTotal daysGap of >30 daysDays supply (possession ratio)Overlap with any use?
3. Use of clozapine in treatment resistant patientsAll diagnosed and treatment resistantUse of clozapineHow to identify treatment resistance?
4. Polypharmacy (antipsychotics only)All diagnosed with any antipsychotic use3 or more antipsychotics at one timeHow many antipsychotics, in what time interval? Polypharmacy with other psychotropics?