Drug Testing Welfare Recipients: Recent Proposals and Continuing Controversies. Appendix C: Estimated Costs of Drug Testing Proposals


Appendix C: Estimated Costs of Drug Testing Proposals

StateYearEstimated Cost (Source: State fiscal notes and bill summaries, State legislature websites)
Alabama[47]2011Cost unknown. Estimate would include cost to administer drug screening, give notice to applicants, and oversee operation and training. Persons being screened pay for the drug screening. If test negative, the department will reimburse the individual for the cost of the screening by increasing the amount of TANF benefits received by the amount paid for the drug screening.
Arizona[48]2008$3.4 million. Estimate includes just the initial test for applicants and recipients of TANF and General Assistance.
Florida[49]2011Cost unknown.  A pilot run between 1999 and 2001 was reported to cost $2.7 million.  The bill that has now been passed would require applicants to pay the cost of the drug test, which will be reimbursed if the applicant tests negative.
Idaho[50]2010$1,324,725 for all, $263,681 for 13% of participants. Estimates include testing, system programming, and treatment by a contractor.
Indiana[51]2011$173,000.  Estimate only includes the price of the test itself.
Louisiana[52]2011$92,487.  Estimate includes drug testing of 20% of recipients and treatment for 2% of those tested.
Maryland[53]2011$2.2 million. Estimate includes cost for additional TANF staff to monitor applications and eligibility and increased contract costs for staff and supplies to do the testing.
Missouri[54]2011Up to $1,904,632 (FY 12); Up to $2,204,202 (FY 13). Estimates include costs of increased staffing needs, including for increased administrative hearings, drug treatment, changes to electronic applications, and hiring contractors to administer the drug tests.
New York[55]2011$20 million. Estimate only includes the price of the test itself for all applicants and recipients.
Oklahoma[56]2011$2,161,179.  Estimate assumes that 10% of the TANF adult population would be randomly tested, all applicants would be tested, and the cost to administer a drug test is $49.
Tennessee[57]2007No cost. Estimate assumes that federal law prohibits drug testing as a condition of eligibility for TANF, as it does in Medicaid/Medicare and SNAP.
West Virginia[58]2011$148,580.  Estimate assumes that all applicants and 20% of recipients would be tested.