America's Children in Poverty: A New Look at Who's Poor Under the Supplemental Poverty Measure : Table 2


: Table 2

DescriptionCore PoorLifted OutThrown InOPM PoorSPM Poor
Mean MOOP$1,782$1,268$9,237$1,594$3,070
Median MOOP$385$423$4,750$400$550
Median MOOP (no 0's)$540$500$5,090$530$798
Median MOOP (excl. 0's &sick in unit)$500$500$4,585$500$700
Median MOOP (exc. Sick in unit)$340$405$4,130$360$500
Percent with no MOOP13.7%10.0%3.2%12.4%11.8%
Percent with an Elderly Person in Family4.4%2.6%9.4%3.8%5.3%
Percent with an Adult with Health Difficulty in Family16.5%15.1%14.4%16.0%16.1%
Percent with an Adult with Disability in Family17.1%13.9%16.5%16.0%17.0%
Mean Capped Work/CC OOP$904$1,549$2,814$1,122$1,250
Median Capped Work/CC OOP$663$1,326$1,479$1,224$1,148
Mean Child Support Paid$41$120$207$67$71
Median Child Support Paid$0$0$0$0$0
 Sample SizeN = 7,666N = 4,286N = 1,828N = 11,952N = 9,494