America's Children in Poverty: A New Look at Who's Poor Under the Supplemental Poverty Measure : Table 1


: Table 1

DescriptionCore PoorLifted OutThrown InOPM PoorSPM Poor
Any SNAP51.7%67.7%13.9%56.9%45.0%
Mean SNAP$2,429$3,561$32427972055
Mean SNAP (no 0's)$4,702$5,247$2,34949174569
Median SNAP$684$3,600$01,80
Median SNAP (no 0's)$4,416$4,895$2,28048004320
Any EITC56.9%78.2%72.5%64.1%59.9%
Mean EITC$1,884$3,325$2,08923751938
Mean EITC (no 0's)$3,327$4,265$2,89537013233
Median EITC$634$4,288$2,16020001020
Median EITC (no 0's)$3,341$4,919$2,93743203050
Any Housing Subsidy13.8%25.6%1.3%17.5%11.4%
Mean Housing Subsidy$1,276$1,734$57$1,425$1,051
Mean Housing Subsidy (no 0's)$9,247$6,765$4,394$8,133$9,245
Median Housing Subsidy $0$0$0$0$0
Median Housing Subsidy (no 0's)$8,481$6,098$4,954$7,271$8,498
Any WIC26.0%29.4%12.6%27.5%24.1%
Mean WIC$133$150$62 $        141 $       123
Mean WIC (no 0's)$513$512$499 $        513 $       512
Median WIC$0$0$0$0$0
Median WIC (no 0's)$497$497$497$497$497
Any LIHEAP12.7%17.9%4.3%14.1%11.0%
Mean LIHEAP$64$85$17$69$54
Mean LIHEAP (no 0's)$498$468$404$485$491
Median LIHEAP$0$0$0$0$0
Median LIHEAP (no 0's)$380$350$300$350$370
Any SSI7.9%9.1%3.8%8.1%7.0%
Mean SSI$594$744$363$634$547
Mean SSI (no 0's)$7,574$8,225$9,759$7,811$7,786
Median SSI$0$0$0$0$0
Median SSI (no 0's)$8,088$8,088$8,088$8,088$8,088
Any UI11.20%14.50%11.40%12.3%11.2%
Mean UI$737$931$878$802$763
Mean UI (no 0's)$6,590$6,424$7,710$6,525$6,794
Median UI$0$0$0$0$0
Median UI (no 0's)$5,760$4,400$5,000$5,082$5,670
Any Welfare13.8%14.6%3.7%14.0%12.0%
Mean Welfare$594$690$155$626$516
Mean Welfare (no 0's)$4,322$4,734$4,126$4,465$4,311
Median Welfare$0$0$0$0$0
Median Welfare (no 0's)360038403300$3,600$3,600
On Medicaid/SCHIP68.5%77.7%38.2%71.60%63.10%
Mean Safety Net Bundle (of 10 programs)3.344.
Median Safety Net Bundle (of 10 programs)34243
% Receiving 3 or more of the 6 newly included SPM benefits42.7%65.2%15.3%50.2%37.8%
Mean Fica$680$1,786$2,505$1,049$1,006
Median Fica$390$1,454$2,295$781$728
Mean State Tax-$18$161$392$42$55
Median State Tax$0$0$2$0$0
 Sample SizeN = 7,666N = 4,286N = 1,828N = 11,952N = 9,494