Alternative Risk-Adjustment Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Home Health Care: Final Report : Table 1


: Table 1

01 = Start of Care (SOC)--further visits planned
02 =  Start of Care (SOC)--no further visits planned (discontinued 12/2002)
03= Resumption of Care (ROC) (after inpatient stay)
04= Recertification (Follow-Up) assessment (every 60 days)
05= Other Follow-Up (when there is a significant change in patient condition)
06= Transferred to an Inpatient Provider--patient not discharged from agency
07= Transferred to an Inpatient Provider--patient discharged from agency
08= Death at Home
09= Discharged from Agency to the Community
10= Discharged from Agency--no visits completed after SOC/ROC assessment (discontinued 12/2002)