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AFDC Data Archive

Comprehensive codebook from 1983-1997 [31 pages in PDF format]


AFDC Data for Assistance Units and Persons,
SAS Programs, Basic Statistics for Each Variable, and Codebooks,
Selected Years 1967 - 1997
Year Unit Data Person Data SAS Program Basic Statistics for Each Variable Codebook
1997 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1996 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1995 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1994 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1993 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1992 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1991 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1990 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1989 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1988 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1987 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1986 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1985 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1984 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1983 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1979 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1977 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1975 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1973 [GZip] [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1971 [GZip] n/a [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1969 [GZip] n/a [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
1967 n/a [GZip] [Plain Text] [Plain Text] [PDF]
  • PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free at:  PDF reader.
  • Data are stored in Plain Text files that have been compressed to minimize size and transmission time over the Internet.
  • GZip is a common, free-source data compression format. Recent versions of Windows and most Zip utilities support this format. Free programs to read and uncompress GZip files are available from .


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Data