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Policy & Regulation

Find ASPE’s latest releases on critical aspects of health and human services-related policy and regulation on the Federal and State levels. Learn more about the impact of these policies across the country.


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Summary of Long-Term Care Provisions Under the Health Security Act

February 28, 1994
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Short Long-Term Care Summary Under the Health Security Act March 1994 PDF Version (9 PDF pages)

Disability, Health Insurance Coverage, and Utilization of Acute Health Services in the United States

September 30, 1993
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services   Disability, Health Insurance Coverage, and Utilization of Acute Health Services in the United States Executive Summary

Building Self-Sufficiency Among Welfare-Dependent Teenage Parents: Lessons from the Teenage Parent Demonstration

May 31, 1993
By Rebecca Maynard The Teenage Parent Demonstration (TPD) was a major, large-scale, federal demonstration initiative sponsored by the U.S.

March 1992 Current Population Survey Shows Health Insurance Coverage Up to 1991: Number of Medicaid Recipients Also Rises

January 31, 1993
The number of persons with health insurance coverage kept pace with the growth of the population between 1990 and 1991--with approximately 86% of the population insured. The most important new information regarding health insurance in the 1992 CPS is that the number of persons helped by the Medicaid program during the year rose by 2.6 million or 11% to almost 27 million in 1991.

ACTION's 1991-92 VISTA Marketing Campaign: An Analysis

January 4, 1993
During the 1989 VISTA Reauthorization Hearings, Congress expressed interest in raising the proportion of VISTA volunteers with college degrees. As part of this effort, ACTION endeavored to make college students more aware of the VISTA program and increase applications from college campuses through a targeted marketing campaign. This campaign took place during the 1991-1992 school year.

Disability Among Women on AFDC: An Issue Revisited

December 31, 1992
Since 1984, a number of welfare reform proposals intended to lessen dependence on AFDC have been enacted. The current Administration is continuing to address welfare dependency. The purpose of this paper is to update results on the disability status of women of AFDC based on the 1990 SIPP with welfare reform in mind.

Number of Medicaid Recipients Up: CPS Shows the Number of Uninsured Also Rises

March 31, 1992
The number of persons with no health insurance coverage rose by 4% between 1989 and 1990, while the number with insurance rose less than 1%. The increase in insurance coverage was due primarily to increases in Medicaid coverage for children under 15.