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Rules for Administrative Simplification

Administrative Simplification

Proposed Rules



The following table provides direct access to Federal Register publications of proposed rules for Administrative Simplification.



Standards for Electronic Transactions and Code Sets NPRM published May 7, 1998
Comment period ended July 6, 1998
National Standard Health Care Provider Identifier NPRM published May 7, 1998
Comment period ended July 6, 1998
System of Records Notice published July 28, 1998
National Standard Employer Identifier NPRM published June 16, 1998
Comment period ended August 17, 1998
Security and Electronic Signature Standards NPRM published August 12, 1998
Comment period ended October 13, 1998
Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information NPRM published November 3, 1999
12/15/99 Federal Register notice of extension of comment period.
1/5/2000 Federal Register notice of NPRM technical corrections.
Comment period ended February 17, 2000
National Standard for Health Claim Attachments not yet available
National Standard Identifiers for Health Plans not yet available