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Trends in the Well-Being of America's Children and Youth, 1998

Publication Date


Introduction  (In PDF format)

Section 1: Population, Family, and Neighborhood

Child Population Characteristics

Child Population Characteristics (In PDF format)

Family Structure

Family Structure (In PDF format)


Neighborhoods (In PDF format)

Section 2: Economic Security

Poverty and Income

Poverty and Income (In PDF format)

Financial Support

Financial Support (In PDF format)

Parental and Youth Employment

Parental and Youth Employment (In PDF format)


Consumption (In PDF format)

Section 3: Health Conditions and Health Care


Mortality (In PDF format)

Health Conditions

Health Conditions (In PDF format)

Health Care

Health Care (In PDF format)

Section 4: Social Development, Behavioral Health, and Teen Fertility

Social Development

Social Development (In PDF format)

Behavioral Health: Physical Health and Safety

Behavioral Health: Physical Health and Safety (In PDF format)

Behavioral Health: Smoking, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health: Smoking, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse (In PDF format)

Behavioral Health: Sexual Activity and Fertility

Behavioral Health: Sexual Activity and Fertility (In PDF format)

Section 5: Education and Achievement


Enrollment/Attendance (In PDF format)


Acheivement/Proficiency (In PDF format)

Related Behaviors and Characteristics

Related Behaviors and Characteristics (In PDF format)

The Well-Being of Immigrant Children, Native-Born Children with Immigrant Parents, and Native-Born Children with Native-Born Parents

Executive Summary and Introduction

Pages 430 - 447

Pages 448 - 472

Pages 473 - 486

Pages 487 - 503

Pages 504 - 511



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