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National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies: Full Sample 2-Year Impact File

 The Full Sample Impact File and documentation include:  NOTE: All files are in ASCII.  COVRMEMO.TXT Provides an introduction to the data and documentation and offers suggestions on how to use the files.   N2RICBK.TXT  This file contains the data codebook, a comprehensive description of N2RI1213.TXT. For each variable on the data file the codebook provides the following information:  The name of the variable and its starting and ending columns on the ASCII file, the variable's SAS informat (5.0 is the default), the variable label,  a brief description of the variable and any issues with the variable. (Note: The data are stored in ASCII, so informats can be changed to conform to any statistical or econometric software package.) The codebook also displays the N, NMISS, MEAN, Standard Deviation, Minimum, and Maximum for each variable. For variables with 51 values or less, a frequency distribution is listed. The frequencies show the value labels. These may be copied and, if necessary, modified to be read into SAS or any other statistical or econometric software package.   N2RIPUT.TXT  This file contains the body of a SAS input statement (variable name, starting column, length, informat)  which will read N2RI1213.TXT.  To run this input statement in SAS you must add the words input to the top line and a semicolon to the bottom line.  This statement can be modified to input the data into any statistical or econometric software package.   N2RILAB.TXT  SAS variable label statements for each variable of the data file. Labels can be modified to conform to syntax rules of any statistical or econometric software package.  TABLES     SAMTBL1.TXT:   Displays sample sizes for full impact sample,                   2-year Client Survey respondents, 2-year Child                   Outcomes Study survey respondents, Private                   Opinion Survey respondents, and sample members                   who completed literacy and math tests at                   baseline.  The table also shows random                   assignment dates.     AR_TBL1.TXT:   These are annotated impact tables of key    AR_TBL2.TXT:   outcomes calculated with administrative data.    AR_TBL3.TXT:   Variable names are listed on the right side of    AR_TBL4.TXT:   the tables.      DEMOTBL1.TXT:  Annotated table that displays background                   characteristics of sample members.  Variable                   names are listed on the the left side.  MEMOS      RES_MEMO.TXT:  Background information on the research design                   for the NEWWS Evaluation, the research groups                   in each site, and the random assignment                   design.     AR_MEMO.TXT:   Background information on administrative                   records source data and additional outcomes                   measures created from administrative data.     TEST_MEM.TXT:  Backgroud information on baseline test scores.     IMP_MEMO.TXT:  Background information on estimating program                   impacts.