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National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies: 2-Year Child Outcomes Study (COS) Files: Create Baseline Covariates and Subgroups

 CREATION OF 10-ITEM FAMILY RISK VARIABLE USED TO IMPUTE BASELINE COVARIATES AND BASELINE SUBGROUPS   array riskindx(10) CTHSGRKB CTNCHRKB CTLITRKB CTNUMRKB CTWRKRKB CTWLFRKB CTDEPRKB CTLOCRKB CTBARRKB CTSUPRKB;  riskmiss=0; do a=1 to 10; if riskindx{a} eq . then riskmiss=riskmiss+1; end;  if riskmiss le 2 then do;   CTRSKSMB=sum(CTHSGRKB, CTNCHRKB, CTLITRKB, CTNUMRKB, CTWRKRKB, CTWLFRKB,               CTDEPRKB, CTLOCRKB, CTBARRKB, CTSUPRKB); end; IF RISKMISS=1 THEN CTRSKSMB=CTRSKSMB*(10/9); IF RISKMISS=2 THEN CTRSKSMB=CTRSKSMB*(10/8);  label CTRSKSMB='B: Number of 10 Baseline Risks';  if CTRSKSMB GE 6 then CTRSKTRB=2; if (CTRSKSMB GE 4 AND CTRSKSMB LT 6) then CTRSKTRB=1; if CTRSKSMB LT 4 then CTRSKTRB=0; if CTRSKSMB eq . then CTRSKTRB=.; label CTRSKTRB='B: Number of Risks 0=0-3/1=4-5/2=6-10';     CREATION OF COMPOSITED BASELINE COVARIATES   ***CHILD AGE AT RAD***; chagerad=int((radat-cbrthday)/30); label chagerad='B: Focal Child Age at RAD (mos)';   ***NUMBER OF CHILDREN IN HOUSEHOLD***; array numchi(6) agech1 agech2 agech3 agech4 agech5 agech6;  CTNCHSMB=0; do a=1 to 6; if numchi{a} gt 0 and numchi{a} le 18     then CTNCHSMB=CTNCHSMB+1; end; label CTNCHSMB ='B: Number of children age 1-18';  ctnchtrb=.; if CTNCHSMB eq 1 then CTNCHTRB=1; if CTNCHSMB eq 2 then CTNCHTRB=2; if CTNCHSMB ge 3 then CTNCHTRB=3; if CTNCHSMB = . then CTNCHTRB = .; label CTNCHTRB='B: Number of children, 1 2 3+';   ***LITERACY***; ctlitrkb=.; if TREADGRP in (1,2) then CTLITRKB=1; if TREADGRP in (3,4,5) then CTLITRKB=0; if TREADGRP = . then CTLITRKB = .; label CTLITRKB='B:literacy:lower (1), higher (0)';   ***NUMERACY***; ctnumrkb=.; if CMATHGRP in (1,2) then CTNUMRKB=1; if CMATHGRP in (3,4,5,6) then CTNUMRKB=0; if CMATHGRP = . then CTNUMRKB = .; label CTNUMRKB='B: Numeracy lower (1), higher (0)';   ***BASELINE DURATION EVER ON WELFARE***; ctwlftrb=.; if owncase in (1,2,3,4) then CTWLFTRB=1; if owncase eq 5 then CTWLFTRB=2; if owncase in (6,7) then CTWLFTRB=3; if owncase = . then CTWLFTRB = .; label CTWLFTRB='B: Time on welfare