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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Key Staff

Richard Frank Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation 202.690.7858
Jennifer Cannistra Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.7858
Office of Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy
Linda Elam Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.6443
Ruth Katz Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.6443
Kirsten Beronio Director, Division of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities Policy 202.690.6443
William Marton Director, Division of Disability and Aging Policy 202.690.6443
Gavin Kennedy Director, Division of Long-Term Care Policy 202.690.6443
Office of Health Policy
Arnold Epstein Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.6870
Nancy Delew Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.6870
Christie Peters Acting Director, Division of Health Care Access and Coverage 202.690.6870
Steve Sheingold Director, Division of Health Care Financing Policy 202.690.6870
Scott Smith Director, Division of Health Care Quality and Outcomes 202.690.6870
Monica Feit Director, Division of Public Health Services 202.690.6051
Office of Human Services Policy
Charles Homer Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.7409
Jennifer Burnszynski Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.7409
Don Oellerich Deputy to Chief Economist 202.690.7409
Laura Radel Acting Director, Division of Children and Youth Policy 202.690.7409
Susan Hauan Acting Director, Division of Data and Technical Analysis 202.690.7409
Kelly Kinnison Director, Division of Economic Support for Families 202.690.7409
Office of Science and Data Policy
James V. Scanlon Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.5874
Laina Bush Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary 202.690.5874
Suzie Burke-Bebee Acting Director, Division of Data Policy 202.690.5874
Amy Nevel Acting Director, Division of Science Policy 202.690.5874

Office of Planning and Policy Support

Kevin Cramer Director 202.690.5555