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Housing Assistance and Supportive Services in Memphis


In 2011, the City of Memphis was selected for the Administration’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative. SC2 provides federal technical assistance to help cities access or leverage existing federal and local resources. In support of that effort, ASPE initiated the project “Housing Assistance and Supportive Services in Memphis” to foster effective delivery of services to current and former recipients of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing assistance in Memphis. The project was conducted by the Urban Institute and its partner, the University of Memphis, from September 2011 through January 2013. All publications are listed below.

Under this project, the team analyzed administrative data on public housing residents relocated as a result of local housing redevelopment initiatives in order to assess the service needs, geographic distribution, and service landscape for high-needs populations in Memphis. The project team also gathered information through discussions and interviews with various local stakeholders, including focus groups with relocates about service use, concerns, and unmet needs. Additionally, the team reviewed the evidence on interventions for high needs populations.


The Final Brief provides an overview of this project and presents all of the findings. Three related technical appendices contain additional information.

This standalone document synthesizes the literature and recent research on how to provide services to people in HUD-assisted housing.