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Expert Meeting on Disease Management Outcomes Measurement - Agenda

Wednesday, January 16, 2007

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Arlington, Virginia


1. Introduction 9:00–9:15

2. Disease Management (DM) Overview 9:15–9:45

• DMAA definition

• Varied program structures

3. Outcomes Measurement Issues 9:45–12:00

• Performance measures

BREAK (15 min) 10:15–10:30

• Attribution; commonly used methodologies and the weaknesses of quasi-experimental, non-randomized research designs (e.g., selection bias, regression to the mean)

LUNCH BREAK (1 hr and 15 min) 12:00–1:15

4. Characteristics of Medicare & Medicaid Populations 1:15–2:15

• Multiple chronic conditions, social needs

• Implications for program content, operations

5. What can DM realistically achieve for Medicare and Medicaid populations? 2:15–4:30

• Improve health outcomes?

BREAK (15 min) 3:00–3:15

• Reduce costs?

• Perspectives from AHRQ, CMS, or State Medicaid program

6. Future Directions 4:30–4:45

• What additional research is needed?

7. Wrap up 4:45–5:00