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Advisory Council October 2018 Meeting Presentation: Updates and Follow-Up from July Meeting

Friday, October 19, 2018

Printer Friendly Version in PDF Format (4 PDF pages)


Updates and Follow-Up from July Meeting

Laura N. Gitlin
Rohini Khillan


  • National Plan 2018 Update
  • Impact of National Research Summit on Care and Services
  • 2018 Non-federal Recommendations Update
  • Recommendations for actions by Advisory Council

National Plan Update

  • It's finally done!
  • Released officially today on the NAPA website (listserv announcement going out with the link)
  • Format is the same as it was in earlier Plans, organized by goals/strategies/actions
  • Recommendations are not included
  • New effort to index the Plan across time on the website so you can see how strategies/actions have evolved over the past 6 years

Impact of Care Summit

  • Manuscripts and publications in progress
  • Meeting with NIA and the Alzheimer's Association

2018 Recommendations Update

  • Final recommendations are posted on the NAPA website
  • Driver diagram update
  • Dissemination plan for recommendations moving forward

Recommendations for actions by the Advisory Council

  • Planning for the 2020 Care Summit
  • Identifying an approach/work group for outlining best practices for comprehensive dementia care
  • Nomenclature

Update on Dementia Terminology

  • Working Group Formed
    • Ronald Petersen, PhD, MD, Mayo Clinic, chair
    • Jason Karlawish, MD, U. of Pennsylvania
    • Dave Knopman, MD, Mayo Clinic
    • Jim Leverenz, MD, Cleveland Clinic
    • Angela Taylor, Lewy Body Dementia Assoc.
    • Sandra Weintraub, PhD, Northwestern U.
    • Mary Widmeyer, MD, Mayo Clinic
  • 2019 ADRD Summit Session
    • NIA/NINDS Staff Leads
      • Melinda Kelly, NIA
      • Sophia Jeon, NINDS
    • Session Chairs
      • Ron Petersen, PhD, MD
      • Angela Taylor

Potential working group Deliverables

  • Half-day virtual workshop on dementia terminology
  • Development of strategy to engage relevant stakeholder groups
  • Present developing recommendations at future AD/ADRD summits for public comment
  • Engage stakeholders to advance the work in progress
  • Refine recommendations
  • Organize a conference for public comment
  • Ultimately, publish recommendations on terminology