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Advisory Council July 2018 Meeting Presentation: AARP Update

Friday, July 30, 2018

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AARP Update to National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA) Advisory Council


Disrupt Dementia

Screen shot.
Screen shot of AARP Disrupt Dementia at

DDF Announcement Video

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Screen shot of AARP website video at


Risk Reduction Cure Care
Dudley Do-Right cartoon. Dudley Do-Right cartoon. Dudley Do-Right cartoon.
"Dudley Do-Right" cartoon -- thanks to Alex Anderson, Chris Hayward, Allan Burns
Hope for the future...


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Screen shot of AARP Milestones in Brain Health at

Education & Outreach

  • Regardless of our age, we can reduce the chance of age-related diseases & optimize our chance of maintaining cognitive health.

Pillars of Brain Health

  • AARP focuses on five pillars of brain health:
    1. Move
    2. Relax
    3. Connect
    4. Discover
    5. Nourish
Cover shot of Brain Food: GCBH Recommendations on Nourishing Your Brain Health. Screen shot of Nourish Your Brain poster.
Screen shots from AARP Brain Health & Wellness at

Risk Reduction Resources

  • Brain Health
    • Global Council on Brain Health
    • AARP Staying Sharp
    • Empowering people to have a healthier brain over their lifetime.
    • How AARP is Fighting for Your Brain
      • AARP provides these resources to help older Americans maintain brain health:
        • Global Council on Brain Health. This independent group of about 50 scientists, health professionals, scholars and policy experts works to provide advice about maintaining and improving brain health. A core group of about a dozen experts coordinates research and policy reviews in areas such as sleep, social engagement and fitness, and the council issues reports and meets about three times annually. The council was created by AARP in collaboration with the British charity Age UK. For more information, go to
        • Staying Sharp. This website ( provides science-based tools to assess, maintain and improve your brain health. It features information and activities designed to be fun and effective, grounded in reliable evidence.
        • Brain Health & Wellness channel. A section of the website, it features the latest news and research on brain health and conditions.


Screen shot of Help Caring for a Loved One with Dementia. Screen shot of AARP Caregiving page.
Screen shots from AARP Family Caregiving at


Sarah Lenz Lock, JD
SVP, Policy & Brain Health