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Advisory Council October 2016 Meeting Presentation: 2016 National Plan Update

Monday, October 31, 2016

Printer Friendly Version in PDF Format (3 PDF pages)


2016 National Plan Update

Rohini Khillan, ASPE

Main Points

  • Updated Implementation Milestones
  • Officially a NATIONAL Plan, with items from members of the Council and other national partners
  • Recommendations from the Advisory Council and formal response from Federal agencies included in an appendix

Updated Implementation Milestones

  • Completed items have been removed and are now archived on the website
  • New items (projects, papers, initiatives, etc) have been added under the Goals and Strategies
    • New target actions and completion dates
  • Next steps in completed items have been added

Questions for Discussion

  • Specific items in the Plan
  • Format of Update
  • Addition of non-federal items and how to expand
  • Terminology (ADRD -> AD/ADRD)


  • Specific Questions
  • Is this useful?
    • Would you prefer we do a presentation of the Fed response at a Council meeting?
  • Other Comments